Ashley Pickering

Melbourne based brand & UI designer

For over a decade I have been using creativity and design to help both agencies and their clients to tell stories, create better customer interactions, and enhance their operational processess. I love how strong a combination of design and strategic thinking is when untangling tough client challenges. And can’t get enough of delighting clients with new concepts and execution using it.


Branding / Web Design / Illustration & Animation /
Design Systems & Management


Originally from East Yorkshire, England, a thirst for snow led me to travel and live in various countries around the world. During this time I freelanced for many agencies and took care of my own client projects.

I am now settled in Melbourne, Australia where I continue to learn new design styles, techniques, and app workflows to solve projects and challenges that come my way.


Figma / Illustrator / Photoshop / After Effects / InDesign / InVision / Procreate / Various management tools

Popsy & JJ


Design Style

I love to use bold, engaging illustrative elements in my work while keeping the end goal and usability in mind.


Jack Links

Web / UX Design


Digital Print


Branding / UI Design


In my current role, I take care of all things design at BJM Digital, a web-focused agency who value design thinking and technical excellence to answer their clients’ problems.