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Project Overview

Working alongside WattleHealth’s product research and marketing team, we kicked off the project with thorough research of how their competitors position themselves in the market. Our aim was to pin down what the ‘WattleHealth difference’ was early on in the process, giving us a strong foundation to build our overall strategy on.

We found the majority of competitors marketed their products using scientific research. Whilst this is also true for WattleHealth, we found that positioning the new branding away from science and towards an organic, family owned feel, we would give WattleBaby a unique look, and key selling point.

With a tick of approval on the positioning, our creative team started work on visualising this strategy, creating a fun brand to be applied to a variety or packaging and materials, instantly recognisable as WattleHealth owned.

Brand design / Brand guidelines / Packaging design / Mascot creation

Creating a mascot from a flower of an iconic Australian Acacia appeals to a large range of customers from various nationalities and is a key part of the new WattleBaby branding.

We immediately had a clear vision of how this little guy would look. Drafting our concepts led us to a hand-drawn execution and incorporating a cheeky, fun-loving personality, gave him the adorable characteristics we envisioned.

‘WattleBaby’ features on all of the packaging range, confidently interacting with the products’ key ingredients. This, along with a clean layout gives the baby food a high-quality look, and differentiates it from its competitors.

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My approach to design is using bold and engaging illustrative elements while keeping the end goal and usability in mind.

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